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Handcrafted 100%


   Nowadays, the concepts of "craftsmanship" and "handmade" are a little misrepresented. They are used indiscriminately for almost any product on the market, which confuses their true meaning.

         With my work, I defend the purest concept of craftsmanship; without machinery, working only with tools, and dedicating the time necessary to make an authentic, exclusive product, far from industrialization and mass production.

Focusing on the details. Every product is carefully made with high quality materials to ensure its long durability.


Hands VS Machine

All the products are handsewn using traditional methods

The tecnique used is called "saddle stitching" and it is made with the highest quality of linen thread, which is waxed by hand with 100% natural beeswax.

The saddle stitching method consists of using two needles and a long piece of waxed linen thread. Each stitch has a knot in the middle which makes the seam more secure and compact.


The main difference between the machine lock-stitch and the saddle stitch is that if you cut a machine stitch, all the stitches in that row will be affected. If a stitch is cut with the traditional saddle-stitching method, it only affects  that stitch, keeping the rest of the row secured due to the knots.

There is no room for comparison between the machine lock-stitch and the saddle stitch when it comes to quality and security.

The saddle stitch takes more time, but that’s the key to a durable leather product, giving it a special character as well.


Hojas de bambú
Vegetable tanning leather
The leather used is full grain leather  from cow hide. It is obtained through a 100% vegetable tanning process.
Using natural tanning materials, traditional methods and defending a sustainable and ecological craftsmanship.

This is the most respectfull leather in an environmental point of view.












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